Create Your Own Hot and Sexy Lower Back Tattoo

Tribal Lower back tattoos are the perfect type of tattoo for a women. They are one of the most sensual and erotic type of tattoos that a women can get. The lower back tattoo can easily be covered up for work and formal occasions and can be easily exposed for informal settings. You can easily show off a lower back tattoo with a beautiful pair of low rise jeans or comfortable pair of sweats.

Women's lower back tattoo designs have become very popular in the last few years. To begin with a women's body is very sensual but for many cultures the neck and the lower back are most often considered some of the most sensual.

It has been said that a lower back tattoo is one area of the body that is one of the most painful areas in which to place a tattoo. A benifit to choosing a lower back tattoo is that it's an area of the body is not likely to stretch during weight gain or even pregnancies.

There are a huge variety of lower back tattoo designs and styles to choose from.

Here are just some of the more popular: Flower Designs, Celtic Designs, Tribal Designs, Star Designs, Humming Bird Designs, Dragon Designs, Butterfly Designs

Today you have many options to choose from when it comes to creating or designing your very own tattoo. Since this will be with you for rest of your life it is very important not to just pick something because it is pretty. When choosing that perfect tattoo many people look into the symbolism and meaning of the design. For example a lotus flower in many cultures celebrates a spiritual journey or awakening of sorts. While winged animals like fairies, butterflies, and even angels tend to represent freedom and happiness. While a lion, panther or tiger is often symbolic of strength and power which might be important for the person. It is also important to pick symbols that hold value and speak to you.

The most common way for getting a tattoo has been to go to a local reputable tattoo parlor and pick a tattoo from the available flash designs or another way is to pay a tattoo artist to create a custom design tattoo for you. However, today with the internet you have almost instant access to the widest selection to tattoo design from artist around the world.

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